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Duotone iRIG

Inflatable Windsurfing Rig.

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DUOTONE KITEBOARDING the world's largest kite brand and DUOTONE WINDSURFING Windsurf Riggs market leaders have joined forces to develop the most innovative rig ever. The result - the first inflatable surf sail - is the best of both worlds: incredibly low weight and packing dimensions achieved with kite technology combined with the attractiveness and safety of a windsurf rig. The iRIG makes learning to windsurf a piece of cake, as the inflatable sail is a whopping 70% lighter than a conventional windsurf rig. A heavy traditional rig (if not constantly kept in its balanced position) though generates a lot of leverage which literally lifts or pushes the rider out of position ending up in the water. And even the biggest board won’t be able to avoid that. So the only solution to an instant learning success without falling into the water is a stable board in combination with the unbeatable low weight of the iRIG. On top the feather-light weight and the ability to float onto the water make starting a piece of case as you can literally lift the iRIG out of the water with just two fingers. Since the iRIG is not only ultra light but also comes without any hard materials, the risk of injury is reduced dramatically. As well you don’t have to fear drifting off wind anymore. Since the whole rig floats on the water without any additional water resistance even paddling back home means no extra effort.


  • ULTRALIGHT AND SUPER COMPACT - The iRIG fits into every trunk and backpack. Ultra low weight (1.2 – 2.2 kg)
  • INFLATED IN 100 SEC. - You pump the iRIG up in only 100 seconds with every kind of standard SUP pump.
  • JUST PLUG AND PLAY / FITS ANY BOARD - You can fix the iRIG onto every kind of SUP and Windsurfboard in no time. And it can be surfed with total ease – even if you have never surfed before.


  • STABLE MAST FOOT - Solid mast foot and secure attachement on every board
  • D2 CLOTH MATERIAL - High quality Technoforce D2 Cloth material
  • TEIJIN DACRON MATERIAL - Air chambers out of strudy Dacron material from the world market leader Teijin


  • XS: Recommended up to 6 years
  • S: Recommended 120cm-145cm (body height)
  • M: Recommended 140cm-180cm (body height)
  • L: Recommended 175cm-200cm (body height)

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Duotone iRIG

Inflatable Windsurfing Rig.

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