Duotone Foil Wing

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Inflatable Foil Wing


By now you’ve seen the videos and heard the news, the Foil Wing is here! All you have to do is give it a try and see how this fun new water sport feels and be one of the first ones to try it. Wings have been around for a while, however, with the evolution of surf foiling they finally offer a totally new way to enjoy the ocean. The Duotone Foil Wing has been in development for a couple of years, and the design team have tested countless prototypes in order to create the perfect shape. During this process, it quickly became apparent that there were numerous advantages to using battens in the wing. They help to keep it rigid, reduce flutter and consequently drag, making it much more efficient. By utilising a boom, you also get unlimited choices of hand placements and a much more rigid connection to the wing itself. This helps with control and power development. The boom is also adjustable so it can be used with all of our foil wings. Particular attention was paid to the leech tension and shape; this area of the wing not only helps with upwind ability but also aids power control when pumping the wing and the foil. The Duotone Foil Wing has been fine-tuned to offer excellent responsiveness to rider input, and it is also incredibly light, giving you plenty of control on the water. The Duotone Foil Wing is taking foiling in a new direction where the only boundaries are your own imagination. All that is left for you is to take flight and enjoy the ride!

Performance Features

  • Assistance to ride waves on a SUP or prone foil and get a surf feeling in flat water
  • Possibility of Flagging out completely gives you maximum movement and the ability to tack and jobe easily
  • Self-stabilizing profile makes it super easy to handle
  • Rigid boom and three sail battens give it a high wind range and a high performance profile that can go upwind with ease, even in flat water, this gives you a sure like sensation.
2m22-35 knots
3m20-30 knots
4m14-22 knots
5m10-17 knots

Wrist Leash (Included)

  • 4" Coiled Leash
  • Stainless steel swivles
  • 7mm underneath cord

Foil Boom (Optional)

  • High end 7075 aluminum -> Duotone Windsurfing Silver Series Standard
  • Length adjustable from 115cm to 175cm -> Fits all Wing sizes
  • Easy to assemble

WING GEOMETRY is helpful for keeping the lower wingtip out of the water and for stabilizing the Foil Wing during both, straight-line riding and transitions. The opted dihedral angle gives a good blend of power and stability.


The integrated BOOM stabilizes the profile and is compatible with every wing size due to length adjustment. It gives the Foil Wing best ease of use with unlimited hand placements and highest level of performance. For takeoff power and efficient pumping of the wing, the rider has a stiff and strong connection to the wing.


BATTENS add stability in the canopy and reduce flattern and drag to a minimum and therefore improves the wind range. It assists the Foil Wing in his upwind ability, for safety and versatility and increase top-end.


WINDOWS are super helpful and an important safety benefit, whether you‘re cruising around in traffic or surfing swells downwind.

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Duotone Foil Wing

Duotone Foil Wing

Inflatable Foil Wing

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